Workforce Development

Youth Employment Services (YES) (originated 2003) Serving Milwaukee County, located at 84th street.

The YES program is an On-the-Job training program targeted for youth ages 16-17 years of age. Each youth selects an employment track of interest (custodial care or retail/customer service). Youth begin their program with 24 hours of “internship” where they learn both soft skills as well as skills that will prepare them to be successful in their respective career track. If the youth is successful with the first month of internship to include creation of a resume, experience with job applications and practice interviewing, the youth will then transition to up to three months of work on the corresponding work crew. During these three months, youth receive ongoing coaching, during scheduled work crew times. Youth benefit from monthly evaluations and feedback about their performance and corresponding coaching to improve as needed. YES Career Coaches assist youth in seeking and obtaining paid employment in the community as they demonstrate solid work patterns. All youth are paid $7.50 per hour during their four months of the program.

St. Charles Furniture and Thrift (originated in May 2013) Serving Southeastern WI, located on 6731 W. Greenfield Ave.

St. Charles Furniture and Thrift resale store opened for business in May, 2013 as a training ground for youth to practice customer service skills in a real life store environment. St. Charles Furniture and Thrift Resale store accepts donations of clothing, household items, furniture and other miscellaneous items and utilized youth workers to work in all aspects of the store operations. Youth help to secure donations, clean and sort items, price, clean store areas and work with customers at all points of interactions with the store (i.e. phone calls, customer service, working the register, etc.).