managed care

Case Management

Wraparound Care Coordination (originated 1994) serving Milwaukee County, located at 76th street.

This program serves youth primarily ages 8 through 17 who have been court ordered into the program, have a diagnosed severe emotional disturbance, and are at high risk for out-of-home placement.

The goals of the Wraparound Care Coordination program is to successfully maintain the youth in the least restrictive setting, improve the functioning of the child and family across all life domains, and assist the family in building natural supports that can be maintained after the family is dis-enrolled from Wraparound Care Coordination.

A Care Coordinator assembles a child and family team consisting of school and court representatives, family members, and other people who can be supportive to the family. An assessment of the family’s strengths and needs is completed and a Plan of Care is developed to meet the needs and enhance the strengths of the family. Weekly the Care Coordinator meets with the family in their home with the goal of empowering them and encouraging independent decision making with regard to their children. The Care Coordinator then purchases services through the provider network to meet the family’s needs as identified in the Plan of Care. The children and families have access to program staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Family Intervention Support Services (FISS) (originated 2002) serving Milwaukee County families, located at 151 S. 84th ST.

FISS Case Management is a short term, voluntary program that provides services to families with adolescents (ages 10 up to 18), who are experiencing behavioral concerns in the home, community and/or school.  The goal of the FISS program is to provide specific services, resources and supports to strengthen a family’s ability to manage their child’s behavior in the home and prevent further system involvement. Families who have been assigned a FISS Case Manager, receive in home supportive services that work towards connecting to sustainable resources in the community to alleviate some of their concerns.  The FISS Case Manager will meet with you and your family on a bi-weekly basis, to develop and maintain a service plan that addresses the family’s needs and concerns.

O-Yeah (Older Youth Emerging into Adult Hood) (originated 2010) serving Milwaukee county located at 151 S. 84th ST.

O-YEAH provide services and support to young adults residing in Milwaukee County, ages 16 to 24, to successfully transition to adulthood. With respect, dignity and the focus on strengths, these young adults will develop, coordinate and mobilize resources to support their quest for successful independence into adulthood.

With the assistance of Transition Coordinators, O-Yeah provides access for youth and young adults with behavioral or mental health needs to necessary community resources that will help them become successful in their transition to adulthood. The focus of support includes the following dimensions of adult life: Living (housing), • Working (employment), • Learning (school/training), • Belonging (friendships), Healing (health), • Being Safe, etc.

Owens Place (originated 2012) serving Milwaukee county, located at 4610 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue. Owen’s Place Website

Owen’s Place is a drop-in resource and support center for youth & young adults between the ages 16 to 24 years old. The primary goal of the center is to establish a welcoming environment in which older youth & young adults will find inviting and come regularly to create positive relationships while seeking information that supports independent living. Owen’s Place has computers, resource information, a lounge, a cooking facility and a few recreational outlets. The staff at Owen’s Place work with the young adults by building relationships, engaging young adults and strategically direct them to resources.

Programming is often driven by the young adults involved. As a result, Owen’s Place also offers mini workshops on life skills, such as applying for jobs, opening a bank account, cooking and budgeting and brings in various community resources each month.

Owen’s Place is open to all young adults between the ages of 16-24 years old with emotional and behavioral challenges.