Adult Programs & Services

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) for Youth/Young Adults serving Milwaukee County
Located at 4757 N 76th Street, Milwaukee

CCS for Youth, a program through Milwaukee County, is a voluntary program that provides support and services to youth and young adults through 22 years old and their families, who are coping with mental health or substance abuse diagnosis. Using a strength based and individual process, CCS coordinates resources to help people achieve their life goals. CCS uses a provider network with an array of services including care coordination, employment supports, peer support, medication and wellness management, education supports, daily living assistances, and life skill development.

For more information or to discuss CCS for Youth enrollment options, call the Milwaukee County Resource & Referral Line at: 414-257-7607


Recovery Support Coordination serving Milwaukee County
Located at 151 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee

 Recovery Support Coordination, a Milwaukee County Behavioral Health program, provides individuals with substance use disorders and their families support in their recovery to help them live fulfilling lives in the community. The process of recovery is personal and the client is involved in all decision making. Once enrolled and referred to St. Charles, each participant has a team of providers that helps the client develop and achieve their goals and to support the client in their recovery.

For more information or to discuss Recovery Support Coordination enrollment options call: 414-257-8085


SEEd – Supported Employment and Education Program serving Milwaukee County
Located at 151 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee

St. Charles operates the Supported Employment and Education Program in partnership with Milwaukee County and the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The program is a voluntary program designed to help motivated young adults seek mainstream jobs and further their education, by working with qualified, supportive staff. Using the Individual Placement and Support Model (IPS), our team will guide young adults (ages 16.5-23) and provide ongoing support to help them enter and sustain employment, training or educational services intended to move them toward their career goals. Referrals are made through our partnership with the Wraparound Milwaukee CCS (O-YEAH) program.

For more information or to inquire about SEEd enrollment options, email: