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Youth Programs & Services

Children’s Mobile Crisis (CMC) serving Milwaukee County
Located at Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division

Staffed by a team consisting of psychologists, social workers, nurses, case managers and a consulting physician, CMC provides crisis intervention services on a 24-hour basis to families enrolled in the Wraparound Milwaukee Program. In addition, this team provides services to any family in Milwaukee County with a child who is having a mental health crisis when the behavior of the child threatens his or her removal from home, school, etc. The CMC team goes to where the crisis is occurring, assesses the situation, and determines if the child’s behavior or mental health condition can be met with interventions in the home or whether temporary placement in a crisis group home or other emergency setting is required. The CMC team also assesses whether the child’s behavior constitutes a danger to that child or others requiring possible psychiatric inpatient hospitalization.

For more information on CMC or if you are in a crisis situation with your child, contact us at (414) 257-7621.


Family Intervention Support Services (FISS) serving Milwaukee County
Located at 151 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee

FISS helps find services outside of the court system for families struggling with the behavioral challenges of teenagers. It is a short term, voluntary program that provides services to families with adolescents (ages 10 up to 18), who are experiencing behavioral concerns in the home, community and/or school.  The goal is to provide specific services, resources and supports to strengthen a family’s ability to manage their child’s behavior in the home and prevent further system involvement. Families who have been assigned a FISS Case Manager, receive in-home supportive services that work towards connecting to sustainable resources in the community to alleviate some of their concerns.

For more information, view the FISS brochure here: FISS Brochure

If you are interested in FISS, contact the FISS Intake Line at: (414) 257-4319


Level II In-Home Monitoring serving Milwaukee County
Located at 4757 N 76th Street and 151 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee

Level II is an early intervention program focusing on youth, ages 10 through 17, who have committed an offense and are at risk for repeatedly reentering the juvenile justice system. Once referred by Milwaukee County Division of Youth & Family Services, the program provides daily face-to-face contact with each youth and provides group, individual, family, and recreational counseling activities on a weekly basis. The goal of the program is to assist the youth in such a way that helps them avoid further law violations, comply with all court orders, and improve their functioning in school, in the community, and within the family. The major goal is the ensure the youth return to their appointed court date prepared to present themselves and indicate what changes have been made in their lives that will prevent a re-offense from occurring. Services typically are provided for one to three months.


Owen’s Place serving Milwaukee County
Located at 4610 W. Fond du Lac Ave, Milwaukee

Owen’s place is a free drop-in resource center for young adult’s ages 16-24 years old.  Staffed by a team of staff and peer specialists, young adults assisted in learning new skills that will empower them as they strive for independence. Owen’s Place offers many on site amenities to help assist our young adults in reaching their independence.

  • computer lab
  • laundry facility
  • meeting space
  • 1:1 Peer Support
  • small library
  • community resources
  • kitchen
  • access to hygiene supplies

For more information, visit the website https://www.owens-place.com/ or call: (414) 977-4249


Positive Options Program (POP) serving Milwaukee County
Located at 151 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee

POP is a community-based alternative for youth who typically would need to serve sanction days within the detention center.  Instead, youth are able to attend daily programming to learn from their mistakes and build skills to avoid further delinquencies.  Youth are assisted in restoring and maintaining compliance with the conditions of their court order.   Interventions are targeted to address the nature of the youth’s violations and build skills and competencies for improved decision-making relative to the behaviors which led to their violations. POP exposes youth to community-based services and positive programming with the potential to lead to continuing involvement beyond their sanction and/or probation involvement.


REACH Care Coordination serving Milwaukee County
Located at 4757 N 76th Street, Milwaukee

REACH, a program within Wraparound Milwaukee, provides coordinated community-based supports and services to families of youth with complex emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs. The program promotes family independence by acknowledging that families or caregivers know what is best for their youth and family. Families are provided with a Care Coordinator who partners with them to identify and coordinate personal, community, and professional supports to meet needs, teach skills, and to “wrap” those supports around the youth and family. A range of supports provide targeted help that promotes healing and leads to hope for a better future as defined by the family.

For more information or to discuss REACH enrollment options, call the Milwaukee County Resource & Referral Line at: 414-257-7607


Residential Treatment serving Milwaukee County
Located at 151 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee

St. Charles provides Residential Treatment Services for male youth, ages 13 – 17 requiring residential treatment due to mental health needs and/or in conjunction with court involvement. Our trauma-informed treatment approach includes working closely with the referral source to help identify and prioritize the youth’s needs and customize a plan to pair meaningful interventions to the presenting needs. These interventions include a variety of therapy approaches, high interest activities, skill building options, and medication oversight as needed. Youth are referred by their respective county and screened to determine program ability to meet the individual needs.

Placement professionals wishing to make a referral for Residential Treatment Services can submit their referral packet to: Admissions@stcharlesinc.org


Treatment Foster Care serving Milwaukee and surrounding Counties
Located at 151 S. 84th Street, Milwaukee

St. Charles is a licensed State of Wisconsin Child Placing Agency serving children ages 0 – 18 years old. This program is for youth with special needs that have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or significant behavioral issues. Eligible youth and their families receive matching/placement, case management, counseling, and 24-hour crisis management/stabilization services for youth placed in their homes. Foster Parents are trained, licensed, and supervised by a St. Charles Licensed Clinical Social Worker and receive weekly services from a program Case Manager. The goal of this program is to provide the child with the highest level of care in a safe, nurturing, therapeutic, and stable environment until they are reunited with their biological family, adopted, or moved to a more independent living arrangement. Case Managers work closely with the Foster Parents providing them with support, guidance and direction to help them reach the identified goals of the placement.


If you are interested in more information about becoming a foster parent, contact us at: (414) 539-4909

Foster Parent Flyer

Placement professionals wishing to make a referral for Treatment Foster Care or Professional Foster Care services can submit their referral packet to: Referrals@stcharlesinc.org


Youth Employment Services (Y.E.S.) serving Milwaukee County
Located at 151 S. 84th Street and St. Charles Furniture & Thrift at 6731 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis

 The Youth Employment Services (Y.E.S.) program is an on-the-job training program targeted for youth ages 15.5-18 years old and involved in Wraparound Milwaukee services. Once referred, each youth selects an employment track of interest (custodial care or retail/customer service) and begin their program with 24 hours of “internship” where they learn both soft skills as well as industry-specific skills that will prepare them to be successful in their respective career track. If the youth is successful with the first month of internship to include creation of a resume, experience with job applications and practice interviewing, the youth will then transition to up to three months of work on the corresponding work crew. During these three months, youth receive ongoing coaching, monthly evaluations and feedback about their performance.


Wraparound Care Coordination serving Milwaukee County
Located at 4757 N. 76th Street, Milwaukee

Wraparound, a program through Milwaukee County, serves youth primarily ages 8 through 17 who have been court ordered into the program, have a diagnosed severe emotional disturbance, and are at high risk for out-of-home placement. The goals of the Wraparound Care Coordination program are to successfully maintain the youth in the least restrictive setting, improve the functioning of the child and family across all life domains, and assist the family in building natural supports that can be maintained after the family is dis-enrolled from Wraparound Care Coordination. Once referred to St. Charles, a Care Coordinator assembles a child and family team consisting of school and court representatives, family members, and other people who can be supportive to the family. An assessment of the family’s strengths and needs is completed and a Plan of Care is developed to meet the needs and enhance the strengths of the family. Weekly the Care Coordinator meets with the family in their home with the goal of empowering them and encouraging independent decision making with regard to their children. The Care Coordinator then purchases services through the provider network to meet the family’s needs as identified in the Plan of Care. The children and families have access to program staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information or to discuss Wraparound Care Coordination enrollment options, call the Milwaukee County Resource & Referral Line at: 414-257-7607