managed care

Managed Care

Wraparound Care Coordination (originated 1994) serving Milwaukee County, located at 76th street.

This program serves youth primarily ages 8 through 17 who have been court ordered into the program, have a diagnosed severe emotional disturbance, and are at high risk for out-of-home placement.

The goals of the Wraparound Care Coordination program is to successfully maintain the youth in the least restrictive setting, improve the functioning of the child and family across all life domains, and assist the family in building natural supports that can be maintained after the family is dis-enrolled from Wraparound Care Coordination.

A Care Coordinator assembles a child and family team consisting of school and court representatives, family members, and other people who can be supportive to the family. An assessment of the family’s strengths and needs is completed and a Plan of Care is developed to meet the needs and enhance the strengths of the family. Weekly the Care Coordinator meets with the family in their home with the goal of empowering them and encouraging independent decision making with regard to their children. The Care Coordinator then purchases services through the provider network to meet the family’s needs as identified in the Plan of Care. The children and families have access to program staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Treatment Foster Care (TFC) (originated 2001) serving Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, and Kenosha counties.

St. Charles is a licensed State of Wisconsin Child Placing Agency serving children ages 0 – 18 years old. This program is for youth with special needs that have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or significant behavioral issues. Eligible clients and their families receive matching/placement, case management, counseling, and 24 hour crisis management/stabilization services for youth placed in their homes.

Foster Parents are trained, licensed, and supervised by a St. Charles Licensed Clinical Social Worker and receive weekly services from a program Case Manager. The goal of this program is to provide the child with the highest level of care in a safe, nurturing, therapeutic and stable environment until they are reunited with their biological family, adopted, or moved to a more independent living arrangement. Case Managers work closely with the Foster Parents providing them with support, guidance and direction to help them reach the identified goals of the placement.

Professional Foster Parent (PFP) (originated 2008) serving Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, and Kenosha Counties.

The program was originally designed specifically for at-risk, court ordered girls ages 14- 17 that exhibited extreme run away and aggressive, harmful behaviors to themselves or others. They typically have failed at multiple out of home placements and can benefit from having one-on-one attention and care. The Foster parent who is also the agency’s contracted employee serves a dual role as the parent and the Care Coordinator for the youth. All St. Charles Professional Foster Parents hold at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work or Human Services and are trained as a Care Coordinator using Wraparound Milwaukee’s philosophy of care.

Family Development Center –(originated 1995) serving Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, and Kenosha County, serving Youth and Adults – main branch at 76th street.

There components of the Family Development Center:

  • In the Mental Health component, eligible clients have a diagnosable mental health disorder or a medically significant emotional or social impairment that interferes with their daily functioning. Masters degreed therapists who have at least 3000 hours of post-masters degree experience provide mental health counseling and treatment including family, or group therapy, and behavioral health intervention.
  • In the Support Services component, eligible clients have social and/or interpersonal problems that interfere with their daily functioning. These are children and families who may not have as severe mental health issues, but need assistance in developing better skills in areas such as communication, anger management, social interaction, crisis stabilization and parenting. Masters and Bachelors degreed counselors and certified Case Aides provide these services.
  • In the AODA (Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse) component, eligible clients receive a variety of evaluation, diagnostic, crisis, education and treatment services with relation to substance abuse to eliminate negative symptoms and restore effective functioning. Education and treatment services are offered individually and in groups with the goal being to help the client recognize the need to achieve changes in their thinking toward the use and abuse of alcohol and other mood altering substances. All counselors providing AODA services are Wisconsin State certified.

The overall goal of the Family Development Center services is to help children and families reduce or eliminate the mental health symptoms that interfere with their daily functioning. We strive to provide preventive services for youth who are at risk of being removed from their home environments and placed in out-of-home care. Should out of home care become a reality, the center is available to provide the support and stability needed for the child to deal with the transition.

Access To Recovery/Recovery Support Coordination (WIser Choice)- (originated 2005) serving Milwaukee County adults, located at 76th Street.

Recovery Support/Access to Recovery (ATR) is a comprehensive alcohol and other drug abuse and Family supportive Services program that coordinates much needed treatment, education and supportive services to identified adults in Milwaukee County. The program serves adults with identified AODA issues along with many other obstacles and barriers to a self sufficient lifestyle. Clients may also be offenders on probation or parole supervision that are facing revocations proceedings and imprisonment. They may need to participate in AODA treatment and recovery support services as an alternative to revocation.

Mi-LINC (Milwaukee Linking Individuals to a New Chance) is an additional component specifically for men and women with children that are incarcerated with a planned release of 6 months from enrollment. Here St. Charles offers “Reach In” services at the actual correctional institution with the intention of assisting the clients with appropriate transition services to Milwaukee and their families.

The main goal of the ATR program is to assure that clients receive the appropriate services that will support their recovery and help them become contributing members of the community.

Mental Health Training (originated 2009) serving Milwaukee County contracted agencies for BHD/SAIL services, located at BHD).

This program provides the coordination and training logistics for contracted agencies with Milwaukee County that provide Substance Abuse and Mental Health services to adults. The Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System Coordinator (CCISC)is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of care to develop a welcoming, recovery oriented, integrated system in Milwaukee County. St. Charles is also responsible for aligning implementation activities at the level of county behavioral health, other county divisions & services, providers & programs, change agents, clinical practice & clinician competencies & consumer & family stakeholders.

This program is also responsible for the provision of training and coordination of development workshops to appropriate agency and contract staff in core competencies as defined by the agency along with linking with project coordinators in other parts of Wisconsin, and across the country. Project recipients are the employees and staff of agencies contracted with Milwaukee County.

Family Intervention Support Services (FISS) (originated 2002) serving Milwaukee County families, located at 4610 W. Fond du Lac Ave.

FISS Case Managers are assigned to work with families with whom they meet at least once per week. An assessment of the family’s strengths and needs is completed with the family and a safety plan is created and reassessed weekly. Services are then contracted with network providers. These community resources are used to assist the family in meeting their needs so that they can provide for the safety and basic needs of their children. These services are provided within the home, helping the family to solicit natural supports within their families and communities to encourage and facilitate continued family safety once formal services are withdrawn. The program goal is to maintain the child within their own home and to improve the parents’ ability to provide for the physical and emotional needs of their children.

Mobile Urgent Treatment Team (MUTT, MUTT Foster Care & MUTT Treatment Foster Care) (originated 2002) serving Milwaukee County located at BHD.

Staffed by a team consisting of Psychologists, social workers, nurses, case managers and a consulting physician, the Mobile Urgent Treatment Team provides crisis intervention services on a 24 hour basis to families enrolled in the Wraparound Milwaukee Program. In addition, this team provides services to any family in Milwaukee County with a child who is having a mental health crisis when the behavior of the child threatens his or her removal from home, school, etc.

The MUTT team goes to where the crisis is occurring, assesses the situation, and determines if the child’s behavior or mental health condition can be met with interventions in the home or whether temporary placement in a crisis group home or other emergency setting is required. The MUTT team also assesses whether the child’s behavior constitutes a danger to that child or others requiring possible psychiatric inpatient hospitalization.

In addition to crisis intervention services, the Team can provide short-term case management and can link the child and family to other community services. The MUTT team oversees the operation of St. Charles’ Haven House, an 8-bed crisis/respite group home, which can serve as an alternative to inpatient hospitalization or resource for the child to transition from the inpatient facility.

Project O Yeah (Older Youth Emerging into Adult Hood) (originated 2010) serving Milwaukee county located at 4610 W. Fond du Lac.

O-YEAH is a federally funded initiative from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) designed to provide services and support to young people residing in Milwaukee County, ages 16 to 25, to successfully transition to adulthood. With respect, dignity and the focus on strengths, these young adults will develop, coordinate and mobilize resources to support their quest for successful independence into adulthood.

Through the assistance of Transition Specialists, the project provides access for youth and young adults with serious Mental Health, Conditions to necessary community resources that will help them become successful in their transition to adulthood. The focus of support includes the following dimensions of adult life: Living (housing), • Working (employment), • Learning (school/training), • Belonging (friendships), Healing (health), • Being Safe, etc.

Owens Place (originated 2012) serving Milwaukee county, located at 4610 W. Fond Du Lac Avenue. Owen’s Place Website

Owen’s Place is designed as a drop-in resource and support center for youth & young adults typically involved with Wraparound Milwaukee programs. The primary goal of the clubhouse is to establish a welcoming environment in which older youth & young adults will find inviting and come regularly to create positive relationships while seeking information that supports independent living. Owen’s Place has computers, resource information, a lounge, a cooking facility and a few recreational outlets (pool table, ping pong table, Wii Gaming System, foosball table). It is staffed with a Resource Coordinator and Peer Specialists whose roles are to build relationships, engage young adults and strategically direct them to resources.

Programming is often driven by the young adults involved. As a result, Owen’s Place also offers mini workshops on life skills, such as applying for jobs, opening a bank account, cooking and budgeting and brings in various community resources each month.

Owen’s Place is open to all young adults between the ages of 16-24 years old with emotional and behavioral challenges.

Wraparound Training (originated 2008) serving all Milwaukee County Wraparound Program Care Coordination agencies located at BHD.

This contracted component provides staff that are trained and experienced in Wraparound Program philosophies, systems and services. Staff works in collaboration with all Wraparound agencies in Milwaukee County by providing mentoring, coaching and appropriate modeling for Care Coordinators to provide home based services to enrolled clients. Employees in this area have typically served as Care Coordinators, Lead staff and Program Supervisors prior to moving to the Training area.


Level II In-Home Monitoring (originated 1998) serving north & west Milwaukee County located at 76th street.

This contract is an early intervention program focusing on boys and girls, age 10 through 17, who have committed an offense and are at risk for repeatedly reentering the juvenile justice system. The program provides daily face-to-face contact with each child by a Tracker or Case Manager. Group, individual, family, and recreational counseling activities are provided on a weekly basis.

The goal of the program is to assist the child in such a way that helps them avoid further law violations, comply with all court orders and improve their functioning in school, in the community, and within the family. The major goal is the ensure the youth’s return to their appointed court date prepared to present themselves and indicate what changes have been made in their lives that will prevent a re-offense from occurring. Services typically are provided for one to three months but can be extended if deemed necessary by the court.