Education Center (originated 1996) serving City of Milwaukee, located at 84th street.

This program serves elementary – high school coed population in grades 4 – 12, ranging in age from 10 through 18 years. The students are Milwaukee Public School youth who require a more structured special education environment to foster successful educational attainment. These students have education disabilities in the area of emotional disturbance and could benefit from related mental health services. Special education students classified as pre-expulsion students are also enrolled in the program.

The Education Center program engages the student and their family in education, and mental health services. Education interventions are formulated through the Individualized Education Plan and monitored collaboratively by Milwaukee Public Schools and the St. Charles staff. The program offers the resources and expertise to provide the following: year round special education within a self-contained setting, a staff to student ratio of 1:8, and on-going emphasis on parent contact and involvement. Eligible students and families have accessibility to the St. Charles network of mental health services as an integral component of their academic day.

The goal of the Education Center program is to foster positive educational and behavioral development of emotionally disturbed students that will aid in their transition and return to a community Milwaukee Public School.

Behavior Reassignment (originated 1998) serving City of Milwaukee, located at 84th Street.

The students enrolled in the program consist of a coed population in grades 6 – 12 ranging in age from 13 to 18 years. The students are Milwaukee Public School youth who require a more structured education environment due to a violation of community school discipline guidelines. These students have violated discipline guidelines resulting in a referral to the Division of Parent/Student Services and subsequent reassignment to an alternative school placement for a specified period of time.

The program engages the student and their family in alternative education services for the duration of their reassignment at an alternative education placement. Education interventions are provided at an individualized academic level in accordance with the current level of academic functioning of the student. The education environment consists of a highly structured self-contained setting with a staff to student ratio of 1:7.

The goal of the Success Academy is to provide for the continuation of education services during the students’ period of reassignment and to foster appropriate school- related behaviors, which will assist the student in positive reintegration to a community school setting.