case management

Case Management

Intensive Family Development Services (IFDS) (originated 1982) serving Waukesha County, located at the Lauer Center.

The Intensive Family Development Services program provides intensive in-home family and individual therapy as well as couples therapy, recreational activities, and life-skills education to children, both male and female, ages 6 through 17, and their families. Children served in this program are at risk for out-of- home placement due to their own mental health issues or that of a parent or primary caretaker.

Families who are referred to the team are also being considered for placement due to the emotional and physical risks of the child within the family if the services of the team are not available. The team is available to address crises 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Educational Support Program (originated 1985) serving Waukesha County School Districts, located at the Lauer Center.

The Educational Support Program serves both male and female students who are at risk of dropping out of school. Students in grades 8 through 12 enter the program as a result of poor academic performance or truancy concurrent with experiencing problems within the home or in the community.

The program offers family counseling, life skills training, academic support and independent-living skills education with the goal of helping the youth resolve the issues which are interfering with their ability to be successful in school.

Mentoring (originated 1985) serving Waukesha County, located at the Lauer Center.

This program serves youth ages 6 through 17 who are in need of mentoring services to help support their overall functioning in all domains of their life. The program serves youth referred from Waukesha County Department of Human Services that have been assessed as at risk of being removed from their homes due to their behaviors. The program goal is to offer positive and supportive services to at risk children in out- of-home care in an effort to provide them with the necessary resources to return and succeed in their home environments.

Level II In-Home Monitoring (originated 1998) serving north & west Milwaukee County located at 76th street.

This contract is an early intervention program focusing on boys and girls, age 10 through 17, who have committed an offense and are at risk for repeatedly reentering the juvenile justice system. The program provides daily face-to-face contact with each child by a Tracker or Case Manager. Group, individual, family, and recreational counseling activities are provided on a weekly basis.

The goal of the program is to assist the child in such a way that helps them avoid further law violations, comply with all court orders and improve their functioning in school, in the community, and within the family. The major goal is the ensure the youth’s return to their appointed court date prepared to present themselves and indicate what changes have been made in their lives that will prevent a re-offense from occurring. Services typically are provided for one to three months but can be extended if deemed necessary by the court.

Healthy Marriage Initiative “VOW to Succeed” (originated 2006) Serving Kenosha and Racine Counties, located at the Kenosha County Job Center.(KCJC)

This program promotes the value and benefits of Healthy Relationships and Marriage. It provides skill based training and education (marriage mentoring, domestic violence information and prevention, public awareness & education, financial management, conflict resolution and parenting skills) to high school aged youth, non married pregnant women, non married expectant fathers, new parents; engaged couples, married couples and couples & individuals interested in marriage. Utilizing the nationally recognized “Prevention and Relationship Enhancement” (PREP) & “Walking the Line” curriculum, the goal of the program is to equip individuals with the skills necessary for healthy relationships while providing them with community resources. Services are offered in the schools, correctional institutions, homes, churches and other community based organizations.